Hi folks! Braden here. I am currently taking on a limited number of big-style commissions at $100 each. You will get an amazing piece of original art, and I’ll get a little income while my art partner Shelli is recovering from a shoulder injury. Win-win!

So, what’s this commission going to be like?

Dimensions, Media:

  • Digital pencil printed on 11” x 17” bristol board, inked with black pigment pen.


  • Pretty much anything! Adventure Time stuff, you and your family, original characters, superheroes, video game characters, etc. This is a big illustration, so you can ask for a lot of things to be in it (but not, like, every single Pokémon). If you only want a couple of things, I can embellish the scene to make it worth your while. I’ll send you a sketch before I ink it so you can make a request for changes. (One round of changes only!) Let’s talk!


  • Cartoony. Within that broad scope, the style will depend on the content and your preference.


  • USPS Priority is included in the price for US deliveries. International delivery is extra.
  • Art will be delivered in a clear poly-bag with backing board, and sent in a bubble mailer envelope. Also included in the price.
  • I will mail the art to you within a month after you and I agree to the commission and I receive payment.


  • Once we both agree to the commission, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice. Please fulfill it within a week. Thanks!

Here are some originals I’ve done in the past:


And you can see some more commissions here on my tumblr.


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